Don’t Be Undersold

Real Estate markets change and market specific strategies should be employed for the market that you are in. While some might say that we are approaching a balanced market I can say that we are still very much in a Buyer’s Market. In a Buyer’s

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Market Heating Up

A short while ago I wrote my annual Spring Newsletter which I mailed out to all my clients. Yes, in this age of emails, e-cards and the like I still believe that a printed Real Estate Update from your Realtor is a nice way to

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We Go to Great Lengths for our Clients…but don’t ask us…

Neil Godin of Neil Godin International, known as 'the turnaround guy' recently wrote an article in his newsletter where he had heard about an example of what he called customer service so good that your competition think you have lost it... Kim Johanneson Article

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HST!?!? What is going to happen?

What’s the deal with the HST anyway? Good question and one that I am getting asked all the time in my new home open houses. Will the HST be repealed? If so, and I pay HST, will I get it back? (not likely). I don’t

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A #1 Thanks to you!

I would like to extend a very personal thank you to all of our recent clients as well as past customers, clients and friends who have either done business directly with us or referred their family members or friends to us for real estate in

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Spring Cleaning Tips to Sell

Selling this year?  With improving weather and spring in the air it’s time to get outside and take a good hard and objective look at your home and property through the eyes of a buyer.  It’s time to wash away that winter grunge that’s clinging

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